Friday, 11 January 2019

This is Wittin!

Anonymous Lady Justice

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 7.1

Part 7.1 – Supplementary And Final Provision This is just a bunch of niggly little rules and bits and pieces. It’s almost like a high...
Anonymous Hilter

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 6.2

Part 6.2 – Enforcement The second half of the enforcement section of the Data Protection Act 2018. Just really looking at the basic functions of...
Anonymous Judge Dredd

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 6.1

Part 6.1 – Enforcement It’s starting to get juicy now. Part 6.1 takes a look at the powers the Information Commissioner’s Office. I’m picturing jackboots...


Snake Oil Salesman

October – Onwards and upwards!

September was a brilliant blaze right past us. Meetings with absolutely everyone (and with a whole heap more planned for October). We're talking to...
The Brouhaha

September – Don’t Forget Pirate Day

Alright, alright, alright! August saw us work through the Elevator Accelerator, find new directions, strategize and begin a new push into the public sector...
Case of the Missing Hare

August – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Holy Smokes we keep struggling forward and while sometimes that struggle is fruitless August looks like our payback month! Our community is growing from...