Monday, 19 November 2018

This is Wittin!

Anonymous Elizabeth

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 5.2

Part 5.2 ā€“ The Information Commissioner More of the same about the duties and powers of the Information Commissioner in Part 5.2. Iā€™m thinking that...
Anonymous Information Commissioner

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 5.1

Part 5.1 ā€“ The Information Commissioner I start this process with a heavy heart after having to endure through sections on law enforcement and intelligence...
Anonymous Spy v. Spy

Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 4.2

Part 4.2 ā€“ Intelligence Services Processing Sometimes I wander into a dark corner of legislation and I come out of it huddling up with my...


Snake Oil Salesman

October – Onwards and upwards!

September was a brilliant blaze right past us. Meetings with absolutely everyone (and with a whole heap more planned for October). We're talking to...
The Brouhaha

September – Don’t Forget Pirate Day

Alright, alright, alright! August saw us work through the Elevator Accelerator, find new directions, strategize and begin a new push into the public sector...
The Brouhaha

And now for something completely different…Our Office

A few people might have cottoned on to the fact that Wittin now has our own clubhouse/office. We love it so much that we...