March – In Like a Lion also Out Like a Lion

Male Models for 1970s Fashion
Male Models for 1970s Fashion

So, our first newsletter. March 2017 everything is taking off for Wittin.

Our Commitment to you

First a commitment, we’re looking to send out an email once a month to line up the neat things we are getting up to. We commit to only one email a month, unless of course we’re getting a knighthood and hosting the raver of the century or something special like that.

Dundee Public Data Hack

Then right into it, we are hosting the Dundee Pubic Data Hack with Abertay University and Dundee City Council on 17 and 18th of March.

Come and check out the event and sign up if you fancy coming along:

We’ve been invited to Hong Kong

We’re lining up everything to accept an invitation to the Great Festival of Innovation. Should be a brilliant opportunity to start talking to the international crowd about crowd sourced data analytics!


Finally we are working on a blog trying to translate GDPR into plain English over the course of 11 weeks in the run up to GDPR D-Day on 25 May. Join us:

Those are our big touchstone goings on this month. Hopefully we’ll see you in the mix. We have a good few exciting things on the horizon involving getting people to interact with public data to actually start making measurable change in government. Stay tuned for April.

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