Dundee Public Data Hack

Abertay University
Abertay University

Wittin, in partnership with Abertay University and Dundee City Council collaborated to host the Dundee Public Data Hack as a fringe event alongside DataFest18. The event, held at Abertay University’s White Space, ran on Saturday 17 March to Sunday 18 March 2018 drawing in students and the public like from afar afield as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Irvine. New friends were made, pizza was eaten and a slew of projects were created with Dundee City Council’s Open Data.

Introducing the teams and ideas:

Team 1 – Three Musketeers
Nikka Zanandrea, Meena Gupta, Daoyi Cheog and Jinmo Yang formed a group of Stirling based participants. They worked through a piece of analysis comparing the electricity and gas usage of Dundee Schools against a backdrop of the weather looking for correlations.

Team 2 – Three
Sheriffo Ceesay, Percy Perez and Haifa Al Nasseri built the foundation of a system I think a lot of companies would like to see. They began with the list of farmer’s market companies in Dundee, and wrote and algorithm to search out possibilities for joint ventures and collaboration between companies.

Team 3 – Michael
Michael Andrejczuk went it alone delving into the data presented on traffic accidents building an image of how they played out against time, severity and location.

Team 4 – Aseel
Aseel Kmail also not afraid to take on a subject alone built a system of matching data against a map and then developed a framework for querying that data to plot the best locations in Dundee for the placement of new hotels.

Team 5 – Rory
Rory Gianni spent a lot of his time helping groups and lending his considerable technical experience, but did manage to find a few hours to pull together an analysis of the national petition data and pulled together an amusing list of what appeared to matters most to Dundee.

Team 6 – Potato Programmers
Elizabeth King and Vidminas Mikucionis found a connection through the use of Peruvian potato quality and then used that drive the testing and ultimately the development of a fully developed game comparing architecture from within and without of Dundee.

Team 7 – Photo Street
Joachim Neff, Simone Liuzzi and Kunal Kathrani came together when they found a common love and took that forward into the development of a system that is looking to create a walk down historical Dundee’s streets.

Team 8 – Not Yet
Ma Rutian, He Ziping, Niu Xueyan and Liang Shuang had a struggle coming to terms with the limitations of open data which are frustrations we all feel. But they pulled out a brilliant presentation looking at streetlight data and safe pathways home at night.

Team 9 – Loraine
Based out of the Mozilla Internet of Things Lab, Loraine Clark presented a neat hardware solution that scraped the data from the Tay Bridge website and then visually displayed the restrictions of the bridge through an LED configuration.

But beyond the great ideas that were born in the room on the day we can start to see in the run up to the event the increase in traffic and downloads as well as time spent spiked on the use of the Dundee City Council Open Data Portal. Enjoy a bit of data about the data hack:

Dundee City Council - Open Data Portal - Pageviews
Dundee City Council – Open Data Portal – Pageviews
Dundee City Council - Open Data Portal - Dataset Downloads
Dundee City Council – Open Data Portal – Dataset Downloads

The event was pulled together by three organisers that threw their time and effort into pulling together an event worth attending.

Co-Organised by Wittin
A socially minded tech company looking at the democratization of public data and crowd sourcing better solutions that our government can use to deliver better more effective services to us, the citizens.

During an age when technical know-how is not a hard limit and inspiration goes as far as your own creativity we saw where our skills, lying in between business process and system development, would enable the development of a useful product in the public sector. Bringing together our key values in openness, transparency and honesty we believe we can enable better functioning public organizations through our products.

Co-Organised by Abertay University
Abertay University is the number one university in Europe for undergraduate computer games degrees and in the world top 10 for postgraduate degrees according to the prestigious Princeton Review. The UK’s first Centre of Excellence in computer games education, Abertay was also the first University in the world to offer degrees in computer games back in 1997. Since 1888, Abertay has been preparing students for the world of work and more than 92% of graduates go into employment or further study within six months of graduation. The University was first in the world to offer degrees in Ethical Hacking, where we uniquely train students in offensive security.

Co-Organised by Dundee City Council
Dundee City Council as part of the Smart City Programme are developing an open data program within the city. The Programme seeks to enhance Smart City activity by using Data and Digital Technologies to accelerate and transform the delivery of city services. The vision in Dundee is to enable the city to become more livable and resilient through the use of Data and Digital Technology. This will aid and facilitate delivery of city priorities through improved community engagement, integration of service delivery and innovation that Smart City and open data approaches can provide. Adopting a Smart City approach make public services more effective and efficient and the cities themselves become more attractive to investors.

And of course we couldn’t deliver these events without the help of our sponsors.

Sponsored by The Data Lab
The Data Lab enables industry, public sector and world-class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment. Its core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from big data. With a Scotland-wide presence and Hubs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, it is in close proximity to leading industry and university institutions with world-class research in informatics and computer science.

Sponsored by Waracle
Waracle is one of the UK’s top mobile app development companies. They offer full life-cycle mobile app and digital product services through conception, design, UX, UI, development and post launch optimisation. Waracle specialises in a widening range of digital products and technology: Mobile Web, iOS, Android, Hybrid, Native, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice and Augmented Reality (AR). Waracle help large UK and international organisations plan and execute their digital product strategy.

Sponsored by University of St Andrews
St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest University, founded in 1413. The first degree in Computer Science at St Andrews was awarded in 1971. Today, the School of Computer Science is a centre of excellence for computer science teaching and research, with staff and students from Scotland and all parts of the world. For more information see: https://www.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk.

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