April – We’ve Brought our Umbrella

Yummy Yummy Ice Cream
Yummy Yummy Ice Cream

Welcome back race fans, an exciting March saw Wittin on multiple continents, but April is here. With a whole host of new goodies to get through.

CivTech contract signed

In pole position we have signed our contract with CivTech and Stirling Council allowing us to move forward with our work to connect citizen scientists with the data that governs us. Let’s face our challenges together.

Stirling Council Waste Services

Following on from that bombshell we are digging in with Stirling Council Waste Service to start looking more closely at the challenges behind the service to see if we can find efficiencies. Anyone want to look at rubbish collection routes with us?

Teacher recruitment project

We have picked a date for the start of a Teacher Recruitment project with our new client COSLA. Our aim this time around is to really focus in on the data behind the ‘teacher shortage’ issue that is so often report and so often only supported with anecdotal evidence. If you fancy participating in this work why not drop us a line.

First follow on project

We’ve scheduled time to sit down with Aberdeenshire and look at the exploration of our first follow on project. This will be looking at supporting what we are starting at COSLA with teacher recruitment and help work up a larger definition of the challenge.

We’re going on a date

Wittin has been asked out on a date with VisitScotland to attend the EIE Dinner. Our wives and girlfriends are jealous and I will have to buy myself something fancy to wear. I’m hoping Vera Wang has time for a fitting.

Start your own project

We’ve got room on the book for a few more concurrent projects, so if you’re sitting there wondering if you can get in on the action and fix a few things around your own organisations, give us a buzz.

All good bits and pieces, we’ll see you on the flip side.

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