May – We’re growing up!

Saucy Seaside Postcard
Saucy Seaside Postcard

April for us was the equivalent of being ten years old on a glorious sunny Saturday morning. No school and the world is our oyster. But then your Dad walks in and tells you that you need to tidy your room. And not just any quick tidy, like a dump your toy box out and sort through everything, arrange your books by size and vacuum the carpet tidy. Brutal. May will be better!

We here at Wittin started getting into the nitty gritty of everything and needed better systems to control our finance, planning, tasks, clients the lot. So with the image of my Dad lecturing me on not doing things half-assed we got stuck in. Turns out, having systems in place really takes a load off the ol’ brain.

Stirling Council

In other news we are focusing in on Stirling Council’s new rubbish collection system. What can data analytics do to support and move forward the use of a new data system after it has been installed? That and in the highly charge political landscape of bin collection what changes can be made to improve a service that don’t result in the ending of political careers? You wouldn’t think that would have to be a consideration. It’ll give us practice before we deal with politics at the national level. Kind of like working your way up through lower leagues until you eventually make it to the Premiership.

Hunting for our first home

One of the coolest bits of news we have is that Wittin is on the prowl for an office and event space. Much like that traditional image of a husband and wife buying their first home where the husband is all businessy and haggling while the wife is all emotional about the purchase I have very much found myself in the role of the wife. I’ll walk into a space and see open plan and skylights and be like, “I’ll take it and I’ll pay you double.” Jamie the sensible head of Wittin quickly gives me a kick to the shins. I’ll keep you posted on this as we are absolutely having a party in whatever space I’m allowed to fall in love with.

People read this newsletter

Before I go it was brought to my attention that people actually read this newsletter in the Scottish Government. To quote a source, ‘last month’s newsletter set the hare amongst the hounds.” The responsibility that makes me feel is immense, and I’d love to think that this could continue. I also know my reduced ability to censor thoughts so please understand that all of our thoughts, ideas and work is moving towards improvement for all.

Democratization of data so the better use of information can transform the world is our mission and means more to us than just having something to write in on application forms. We might be a bit scrappy and I’m certain we’ll learn how to polish our edges a bit as we move forward. However, everything we do is aimed at improving our shared public sector. That and getting a knighthood because that would totally impress my parents.

Onwards toward June!

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