Plain Spoken GDPR – Chapter 10

Anonymous Battleship
Anonymous Battleship

Chapter 10 – Delegated Acts and Implementing Acts

So yeah, not the most interesting week. But we are dealing with European legislation, so I’m sure you weren’t expecting a blockbuster.

Articles 92 and 93 appear on first reading to transfer a modicum of power onto the shadowy organisation only known as “the commission” by the European Parliament. I personally think an organisation doesn’t have true power until they can declare a national holiday.

Article 92 – Exercise of the Delegation

5 paragraphs. This is a straight-up transfer of an object or idea called, “The Delegation of Power.” This makes me want to say, “by the power of Greyskull!” It appears that the European Parliament is giving the commission the power to create an act. Now that power can be rescinded at any time and the European Parliament still trumps the commission, but it is there. If the commission create a data holiday then we know they have made it in the power stakes.

Article 93 – Committee Procedure

3 paragraphs. There appears to be an entire article dedicated to saying that the structure behind this power is structured as a committee. This is then defined and regulated by another regulation entirely known as Regulation (EU) No 182/2011. In programming terms, this would be known as object orientated legislation.

Thought of the Week

I’ve been wondering about how to resolve data privacy with crowdsourcing data analytics. It’s an important question for us here at Wittin, but one that at first seems at odds. There is a general movement away from ‘government knows best’ service delivery and a concentrated effort to explore service design as an inclusive activity. Data and its analysis is a big part of service design, but the rub usually comes in when we want to use data to improve services that interact with individuals. GDPR and public sentiment is generally geared to protect privacy. However without the ability to dig into personal data how can we best understand issues around services for individuals?

I’ve not really got an answer, we have what we’re doing at Wittin which is a mixture of non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, training and a strong dose of integrity. Those are only a range of methods that could be used. Perhaps a Hippocratic Oath of sorts for data analysis? It’s worth considering.

This has been the penultimate week. It has been a hoot. Can’t wait to see what pops up next week.

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