Hong Kong is in the Lead

Hong Kong Bay
Hong Kong Bay

Hong Kong is not messing around. They want to help direct work with data to spark innovation by developers and citizens to support and drive forward the public sector.

Supporting a Hong Kong’s smart city initiative they have created a data studio acting as an online/offline meetup for public and private organisations as well as citizens to interact with data and exchange ideas.

Humble Criticism

The city is rolling up its sleeves to educate, nurture and connect a community amongst themselves as well as keeping themselves and their data at the centre of the conversation. If I had any criticism it is that they are seeking to be a neutral party. I was never asked, but if I had been I’d advocate to be subjective stand in the middle and get your hands dirty. This might be a position that is incompatible with Chinese culture and public life, but it would stir up a movement in the city that links the west and the east.

Getting Involved

The data used is specifically locked down and developers need to apply to gain access and start creating. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for Wittin’s application. But enough about us, go out there and get involved yourself:

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