June – Maturity Comes at a Cost

Tailored Suits in a Row
Tailored Suits in a Row

Oh, how naive we were to believe that some hard graft in May would set the world to rights and everything would be hunky dory.

When you start looking at yourself and your business with an eye to improve you learn very quickly that no matter how awesome you are or think you are, you actually ain’t. The life choice of founding a business comes with it a foreseeable future filled with self-doubt and people telling you that you made the wrong decision. I’d easily believe that it’s the quickest route to being able to trust your own internal instincts in the face of adversity, but the ride is soul wrenchingly humbling.

Elevator Accelerator

We were invited to apply for the Elevator Accelerator in Dundee and we seemed to impress a few folks throughout the vetting process. As a result, we are starting as a member of the Summer 2018 cohort on Monday and spending 12 weeks working on the business of Wittin. Next month we will be able to bring you a few more details on the process. We are looking forward to spending a good amount of time and applying some smart people to red team our business ideas.

On the path for our home

We are still working towards securing our first home. Lots of contracts, lawyers, and wild ideas floating about. The best of which is that we’re going to build a life-size model of a stegosaurus for the space. You might ask why, and that would be silly because who wouldn’t want a life-size model of a stegosaurus in their office.

Starting to flex our community muscle

One of the more exciting changes in May was that we are starting to coalesce our marketing channels and messages. Our newest entry is to start leveraging the community to engage with specific problems. After a few explorations of GDPR related specific questions, we moved into local government. Going forward these will be the basis of our blog articles.

One of our key pushes at the moment is looking at the actual job, down to the specific tasks, that local government is mandated to accomplish by legislation. The premise was that we should be able to acquire a specific list of what any local authority is required to do. This list would be the beginning of all effort to examine the quality of provision. However, as it turns out this list was not as easy to come by as we thought (what I mean is that it does not exist). The community has been helping to draw together sources, ideas and advice on pulling this list together. Our research will then build up a picture of the statutorily mandated tasks, and also a picture of the variability in service offering between local authorities.

Before you have to tolerate another newsletter from us, you should get a fun read looking at specifics of government. And if you’re as nerdy as us you’ll get a kick out of reading it. Till next month.

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