Urban Big Data Centre

Urban Big Data Centre Logo
Urban Big Data Centre Logo

The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) established itself out of the UK Economic and Social Research Council. They address the social, economic and environmental challenges facing cities. The UBDC connects experts of urban social science and data science from seven universities. However, the data is open to all.

The UBDC support a host of strategies. First of all, they look at urban planning and policy-making. Then their data helps to develop business innovations and behavioural interventions. They support sustainable and engaged urban living. Finally, they advocate for citizen participation relating to a wide spectrum of urban sectors.

Data Services

The UBDC meets the needs of a wide range of users. Those users conduct research on urban issues using big data. In response, the UDBC offer three distinct services.

Most of these services are free. However, you will come across charges, specifically for data extraction, cleaning, programming or linking. Go check out their service guide:


Most importantly the UBDC supports urban research by a wide range of users including themselves. Besides that, they also conduct their own studies. They generate new knowledge and insights available to be used in city planning and policy making. However, they are keen to get more people involved with these data sets. Spend some time with their research. Our personal favourite is:

Population movements and economic effect

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