July – The Darling of the Ball

Mods Looking Sexy
Mods Looking Sexy

July is looking up. The weather is rivaling that of a holiday destination, but better still our sales are up. I feel like a corporate CEO reporting an annual report! Although this startup has taught me that for every up there is a down, so I’ll downplay the victory dance just yet.

We were founded under the idea that we could crowdsource process improvement and support service design efforts in the public sector. Validating that premise is incredibly exciting. However, looking at growth and building direction instead of just doing what works is the next step in difficulty for a startup. To that end, we are looking at focusing our efforts on a service we can become the go-to company for. Work is ongoing, but hopefully, we’ll come back next month with a defined focus to start trialing.

East Renfrewshire Council

Our first major project since the CivTech programme, we are starting in July with East Renfrewshire looking specifically how they interact with their customers and specifically what questions are being asked of the council. The ultimate aim of this work is to devise a list of the main questions asked of a council, finding or building a machine-readable source for each answer and ultimately to support the creation of an East Renfrewshire Council Digital Assistant skill. Imagine if you will, “Alexa, what colour bin’s go out this week?”

NHS/National Services Scotland and Stirling Council

Delayed discharges have a significant impact on public health in Scotland and while there is a multitude of contributing causes wouldn’t it be exciting to start mitigating some of those factors? This green-lit project is kicking off in August and looking at those causes that are tied to council services. Our aim is to build a picture of use forecasted into the future based off of historical data that can be evaluated and move with created data. From there we can not only see the use but the projected cost year on year that can help plan budgets going forward to limit this challenge.

Elevator Accelerator

I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but I think these guys love me. We have recently moved through our first round of Stage Gate Presentations with solid feedback. Hope Wittin is doing them proud.

New Office

This process has dragged on and on, however, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Solicitors in hand and we are pushing forward with the contract. I’m secretly hoping that August will see us installed in our new home. I’ll keep you posted. There will be a party…ahem I mean a work’s networking event that happens to have food, drink and classy music.

Till next month, peace out dudes.

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