August – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Case of the Missing Hare
Case of the Missing Hare

Holy Smokes we keep struggling forward and while sometimes that struggle is fruitless August looks like our payback month! Our community is growing from strength to strength, currently sitting around 7000 members. We’ve found a new focus for the business that consolidates our assets and experience to a scalable offering that will change the face of the public sector. You might say I’m a tease, but more on that to come next month.

Until then we have projects on the go, we have an international interest in getting involved, and we have the opportunity that having our own clubhouse affords us. I might even reach out to my inner ten year old and hang a sign saying, “No Little Brothers Allowed!”

East Renfrewshire Council

We are pulling together an analysis on interactions between citizens and East Renfrewshire Council to find out what is asked, complained about or even complimented. In line with that goal, we have started our journey looking through the data that exists and exploring not only the systems but the processes behind those systems to find out where data regarding citizen / local government interactions is kept within the digital estate at East Renfrewshire.

We’re a couple of weeks away from consolidating the data. From there we have a few weeks of writing a privacy impact assessment: GDPR compliant is the best compliant! From there though we’ll have a sweet, sweet month of analysis to run through data and deliver an analysis of citizen interactions.

Top Secret Project

Alluded to we have found a new focus and have an on-going top secret project that is looking to determine the scale of impact we can have across the public sector. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to make a fairly large announcement in the next newsletter heralding a step change in public sector service delivery.

Better Use of Data Working Group

It’s not all been tuxedos and cocktails this month though. We were politely knocked back from joining the Better Use of Data Working Group run by the Scottish Digital Office. It turns out you need to be a partner (which appears to mean a local authority). It’s a bit disappointing as I’d like to think that the private sector will play a big part in helping the public sector realise the value and improve services through data use.

So if you see Martyn Wallace hanging about laugh at one of his jokes (to butter him up) then remind him that Wittin is always fun to have about, particularly at working group sessions!

Elevator Accelerator

This is the final month of the accelerator and we owe a lot to the poking and prodding of the Elevator folk, particularly Andy Campbell and Cat Ward who have helped us focus and shape our message.

New Office

Boom, I’ve seen the license, we are due to walk in on 1 August. Give us a month to kit ourselves out and we’ll have a soirée to introduce the world to Wittin Headquarters! Excepting, that is, little brothers.

Till next month, peace and hair grease.

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