Data Protection Act 2018 – Introduction in English

American Gothic
American Gothic

Over the next 7 weeks, we will bring our own brand of translation to the Data Protection Act 2018. This legislation snuck in under the wire before the enforcement of GDPR by a mere two days! How has the UK chosen to interpret GDPR and more importantly is there anything that helps to clarify our new dystopian privacy future? Or has GDPR gone the way of that annoying cookies pop up and nobody is going to be fined or get in trouble?

Our Commitment to You

We will dedicate a weekly blog article to each of the 7 parts of the new legislation, trying to chop it down into plain English, with a guarantee that each of those blog posts doesn’t end in a mini sales pitch for Wittin to come in and “consult” on how to prepare for GDPR and the data protection act.

We are in fact a public sector data analytics company. As such data privacy and GDPR is becoming our life for the next few years. So, on one hand, we need to have a continual, original content blog (that my Mum thinks is funny and witty) on the other we need to know every intimate aspect of this legislation. If you could picture walking in on a fella the first time a legislation let him go past first base, that’s about what this is going to be. And for strict adherence to internet protocols: I am not a lawyer, a solicitor, or related to one by blood or marriage. However, I am a big fan of My Cousin Vinny and watch a lot of Suits…

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