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The Brouhaha
The Brouhaha

A few people might have cottoned on to the fact that Wittin now has our own clubhouse/office. We love it so much that we named it The Brouhaha!

So part of Wittin’s remit involves a lot of hosting events, education and working sessions. Renting ad hoc spaces as and when we need them turned out to be more expensive than just getting our own place. And boy did we get our own place! It’s in the attic of the old City Chambers building on Panmure Street in Dundee. It is pretty special even if we do say so ourselves.

However, all of this space is not used very efficiently if we are using it for hosting events and meetings. That and we get lonely sitting here on our own, so we decided to name the space and offer co-working space to be rented by the desk. We’d love it for you to come along and see if you can see yourself working here. It is rare to work in a space where you get your own stained glass window by an 18th-century Italian master. Not here at The Brouhaha, that is only par for the course. Kind of tame in comparison really, I heard that they are going to build a stegosaurus!

Desk rents are £150 per month exclusive of VAT

If you want to know more head over to our webpage on the matter The Brouhaha

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