October – Onwards and upwards!

Snake Oil Salesman
Snake Oil Salesman

September was a brilliant blaze right past us. Meetings with absolutely everyone (and with a whole heap more planned for October). We’re talking to everyone, and what this is doing is bringing us to the realization that we are behind the curve when it comes to the inner workings of the public sector. Which brings us to:

Let Matthew intern for you!

It is very apparent that we need to essentially sit through an MSc in Public Administration, but not a theory course. Oh no, we need to see the nuts and bolts of it all. The politics, the brick walls, the gotchas. Anybody fancy having an intern for a week? We’re willing to send Matthew out of the office to put in some hard graft in return for learning. Also, as long as it’s not considered bribery he’ll bring a homemade cake!

Big Pharma

This is a new area for us as it was last month. We are really keen to sit down with anyone in the pharmacy industry to talk about generating revenue form unused data resources. We’d really love to explore this idea. So if anyone can put us in touch with a neighbor of a dog walker’s cousin we’d buy the coffee.

Stirling Council Money Saving Round Table

Not exactly sure it was meant as a compliment, but Matthew was praised for his ability to agitate at a recent round-table looking at saving large sums of money over the next several years for Stirling Council. His wife doesn’t seem to be so keen on this ability.


Starting to get some keen insights into the public sector and this has kicked off our work to start quantifying the tasks that have to be carried out by the government. What does it actually mean to run a local authority on the statutory minimum number of services? The project is just started and already sparking interest outside the country. We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Let’s Go Wittin, Let’s Go!

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