Plain English Data Protection Act 2018 – Part 7.2

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Anonymous North Korea

Part 7.2 – Supplementary And Final Provision

Yep, we have finally reached the end of what I hope is the worst legislation to ever be written in the UK. If it is not then we can assume that the people who write our legislation are in general illiterate, sadistic, jerks.

Section 201 – Disclosure of information to the Tribunal

Legal jargon about when you can and cannot tell the tribunal something to help them make a decision.

Section 202 – Proceedings in the First-tier Tribunal: contempt

You can be in contempt of court if you do something or do not do something in relation to proceedings before a tribunal. This feels unfinished at best. I can roughly get a context here, but it literally says it applies if you do something or do not do something. Everything is contempt?

Section 203 – Tribunal Procedure Rules

Tribunals can write rules for better regulating the process.

Section 204 – Meaning of “health professional” and “social work professional”

This is literally a definition of each of these terms and by doing so it just lists series of job titles. Does this not exist anywhere else? Can we not find a better way to do this?

Section 205 – General interpretation

A basic glossary of terms? Again have we not already done this? And if we need to do it for each legislation why is this not something done at t beginning of a legislation much like a geometry proof we used to have to do in high school?

Section 206 – Index of defined expressions

Another section which is a glossary.

Section 207 – Territorial application of this Act

Everyone, they should just write everyone.

Section 208 – Children in Scotland

Kids in Scotland can be people with rights as long as they are over 12 years old.

Section 209 – Application to the Crown

What is going on? Is this tradition now? We need to state that the crown has to be involved?

Section 210 – Application to Parliament

Parliament is going to be affected by this law is a section that needs to be written out?

Section 211– Minor and consequential provision

Small amendments can be made.

Section 212 – Commencement

I can see why this would be include they are listing that the day this comes into effect is the day it is passed in parliament. But can we not formalize this process and standardize it?

Section 213 – Transitional provision

We can sort things out to help with the transition to this new legislation.

Section 214 – Extent

Everywhere that the UK has a control.

Section 215 – Short title

Really, a section in legislation to allow people to refer to this legislation as the Data Protection Act 2018? Why is this required?


That’s it now. This is garbage legislation. Overwritten, unclear, misleading and just a pile of steaming poo. Can we not take pride in the eloquence of our legislation? Oh well.

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