The Brouhaha

The Brouhaha Logo
The Brouhaha Logo

So part of Wittin’s remit involves a lot of hosting events, education and working sessions. Renting ad hoc spaces as and when we need them turned out to be more expensive than just getting our own place. And boy did we get our own place, this is the most amazing space in Dundee. You should send an email to Matthew and arrange a time to come see it:

Outside The Brouhaha
Outside The Brouhaha

However, all of this space is not used very efficiently if we are using it for hosting events and meetings. That and we get lonely sitting here on our own, so we decided to name the space and offer co-working space to be rented by the desk.

Come Hang Out With Us at The Brouhaha!

Our mission is to create the most creative, fun and collaborative co-working space in Tayside. The workspace needs to live, breath and grow to support what we all do. Let’s all be awesome together.

What can you get:

  • Late hours access
  • Personal key access (longer term rents only)
  • Soft seating break-out space
  • Quite area for confidential calls
  • Tea and coffee
  • Use of kitchen facilities
  • Standard wifi (30mb up / 30mb down)
  • Fast wifi (100mb up / 100mb down) – Extra £10 per month
  • Awesome wifi (500mb up / 500mb down) – Extra £30 per month
Inside Brouhaha
Inside Brouhaha

What’s it Cost?

£150 per month per desk exclusive of VAT (Bargain!)
£750 per month for a business bay (up to 6 desks) exclusive of VAT (Better Bargain!)

Inside Brouhaha Again
Inside Brouhaha Again

What to do if you’re interested?

Email Matthew: to come through and have a visit and see if you like what you see. After that sort a payment out (because you’ll absolutely love it here) and come join in the fun. The Brouhaha!