Community of Penguins
Community of Penguins

Our community means a lot to us. They are the very foundation for Wittin bringing skills, knowledge and diversity to bear on public challenges. We currently measure our community with two simple , metricsBreadth and Depth. Each month we’ll continue to update these figures and watch our community grow. Our aim is to build until we reach a breadth of 10,000 (if we’re lucky we’ll hit this before the end of the year) then we will shift our metrics to start looking at interactions and project work.


This is the reach. Who can we get a message to if we needed to. We build the number by adding up all of Wittin’s social media channels as well as email lists. While we do not seek to overlap, we do find that overlap does happen. This metric allows us to in a single number see the scale we are dealing with at any one time.


Although if the scale gives us an idea of how many, we need a way to measure how effective the community can be. For this we are looking at a second metric that counts the amount of people that turn up to our events. This builds a number of individuals that have gone as far as taking physical action in relation to us stiring the pot.