Sunday, 17 June 2018

Matthew Davis

Born into the wilds of mid-western America, Matthew has lived his life creating. The kind of kid that bought a tarp, some PVC pipe and a skate board; fashioned himself a windsurfing set-up and then saw an opportunity in a local tornado. “Sorry Mom.”

Undergraduate in Art and Design, Doctorate in Scottish History, Matthew came late to the realisation that if he's going to use his diverse skill set he'd have to employ himself.


Jamie Mackintosh

Jersey raised, some of that tax haven upbringing must have rubbed off dragging this well spoken rugby and cricket player into a life of mischief. The cherry on top is his mad guitar skillz he keeps honed, “for the ladies.”

Chartered Certified Accountant, (because it wouldn't be fair if he was a rockstar) he keeps things ship shape in the books. And given his own way we wouldn't make money, but plough all of our profit into useful local causes.


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